Unlimited Internet or Cell Phone Plan as low as $25/month . Please call or SMS toll free 1-800-880-1234 , or WhatsApp/Wechat 613-888-1 1 1 1

Unlimited call/text Mobile plan with 6G DATA - $30/month

 FREE SIM card + FREE shipping, $30/month for Unlimnited call/text Mobile plan with 6G data and one time 800 mins international call (USA/Europe/Asia).

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Special Internet Plans

Pre-activated Public Mobile SIM card with first month included - Unlimited Canada Call/Text and 1G Mobile Data

Limited time offer (End in Feb-9-2020) $10/month off PLUS , 1G bonus (2nd to 9th month) and 800 mins one time international long distance (United States, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and Venezuela)

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Ontario 75M internet $34.98 per Month, NO contract

Ontario (Rogers covered cities only) $34.98/month 75M special, 75M download, 10M upload, FREE Dual Band Wireless modem, FREE shipping, $60 installation, NO Contract

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Order any 3-in-1 bundle , receive FREE 2.1 speaker system

(Ontario and Quebec only) We offer FREE 2.1 Speaker system for any 3-in-1 internet+Phone+IPTV bundle service signed  through us.  Ontario (Rogers area) 150M 3in1 $79.99/month. Or Quebec 100M 3-in-1 $79.99/month.



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