How to sign up Internet plan or Fizz mobile plan without a credit card?

Most of internet plans or Fizz mobile plans required a Canada credit card to do do sign up.  If you don't have credit card, you need buy a prepaid credit card from gas station and cost $5 extra each time and it's not reload able.  Here is the a work around. It's FREE and you'll get $20 bonus after you made first purchase (no minimum deposit, no minimum purchase neither). 

Here are the steps

1. Download the app

Or use this code on sign up: MFGXAMHN


2. Register account and use referral code on sign up: MFGXAMHN  to get $20 bonus

3. Use e-transfer to deposit $10 to KOHO (NEED from SAME E-MAIL address as your KOHO account, otherwise it won't load. almost instantly, please follow the guide carefully)

(You'll see money almost 2 minutes after you done the e-transfer. I use Simplii so e-transfer is free)

4. You can see  your victual visa number below 

5.  Add this card in Mcdonald or Tim hortons app, buy a cup of coffee for $1.

And you can see you get $20 referral bonus .   Now your balance will be $10 - $1.05 + $20 = $28.95

6. You got one virtual card  already and one physical Visa card will arrive by mail in 10 days. 

You can use your virtual card for online purchase, and use your physical debit visa card for in store purchase.