with any 3-in-1 Internet Bundles

50M $53.98/month with internet + Phone + IPTV

Toll Free: 1-800-880-1234 (English)

SMS/WhatsApp/Wechat: 416-822-8888


Order any 3-in-1 (internet+phone+TV) service, you will get FREE IPTV services with above channels. ($3.99/month IPTV box rental apply)

  1. Global Toronto HD-English
  2. OMNI Toronto HD-multicultural
  3. CBC Toronto HD-English
  4. CityToronto HD-English
  5. CTV Toronto HD-English
  6. OMNI2 Toronto HD-multicultural
  7. ICI Tele Toronto HD-French
  8. Global BC Vancouver HD-English
  9. OMNI BC SD-multicultural
  10. CBC Vancouver HD-English
  11. City Vancouver HD-English
  12. CTV Vancouver HD-English
  13. ICI Tele Vancouver HD-French
  14. Global Montreal HD-English
  15. CBC Montreal HD-English
  16. City Montreal HD-English
  17. CTV Montreal HD-English
  18. canal SAVOIR Montreal HD-French
  19. ICI Tele Montreal HD-French
  20. V Montreal HD-French
  21. ICI Montreal HD-multicultural
  22. US WEST ABC(KOMO) HD-English
  23. Grit SD-English
  24. Get TV SD-English
  25. create SD-English
  26. comet SD-English
  27. Laff SD-English

*Program list may change depend on the availability