Home Phone across Canada ($8.99/month)

We offer Home Phone Service $8.99/month. Free modem. Free shippping.

Jan-2018 special: Free 6 months service and $8.99/month unlimited Canada LD

Please contact 416-822-8888 for more information.

Sign up process:

Please do the sign up with this link below. You'll get $10 off to waive the shipping cost.


*Please watch this tutorial Video if you need help

(You'll get 6 months free, also $10 off to make it free shipping). Call 1-800-880-1234 if you need help on sign up.

Further assistance:

Please press the yellow RingMe button on top and ask for help.


Please call 1-800-880-1234, or e-mail internet@ModemOutlet.com or text your address (416-822-8888) to us and ask for help;


( English ) SMS / WhatsApp / Wechat : 416-822-8888

(普通话/广东话/英语) Call/SMS/Wechat: 613-410-8888

(Français / Italiano) Call/SMS : 514-466-0000

( Tiếng Việt) SMS : 514-226-0000